Fast TeamSpeak has come to an end

I would like to thank very much to everyone that helped running this TeamSpeak server for 4.5 years!
Mainly to our administrators: Bertus, Carpiu, Euphoria, Fish, Genoangel, GTS, Iro, Magik, Marshall, Night and S0uLy. As well as our faithful, frequent users ♥

One thing I regret a lot (and probably the most) is that I have never created a community here. Users didn't know each other, they just sat in their own, private channels. This could have been done better.

Are you anxious about why I have to shut down the server?

Greedy assholes from TritonCIA (I think now they are called TeamSpeakUSA Sales or whatever) bash me since months that I give you free channels (and servers in the past). Every time they imply that I'm doing this for profit. Do you see any ads here? Did I ever ask you to pay me something? Have I ever taken a donation from you? No, no and no. Back in Dec 2009 when I established this server, NPL license didn't forbid doing that, now it does and they flip out and make it a big deal. Why they are doing that? Because free servers like mine don't give them any $$$. Instead, they would like me to pay for license (c.a. $300/year) if I would like to keep these 512 slots server for you.

DDoS attacks which are very heavy since months. You probably experienced them already by being disconnected couple times a day. I can't help that. My budget is very limited as I'm paying for this server from my private money alone and I can't buy myself DDoS protection. I've been kicked out from many hosting companies already and OVH was the only one that "welcomes" servers that are under attack, yet their free protection is not good enough for VoIP servers that require constant, undisturbed network.

Maintaining this server takes time and I can't place TeamSpeak above job and school.

A bit more about the Fast TeamSpeak III

Some people didn't believe that we can work for free. Of course we can, for the better internetz guys!

Here are couple examples of such messages. Thank you for those. Every time I read such message my heart warms up :)

image-1 image-1 image-1

How did it start?

Back in 2009, I created a server for my clan in Warcraft III called "Get lost [Fast]" hence TeamSpeak server's name is "Fast TeamSpeak III". After a month I saw that we have 100+ random users creating temporary channels. Apparently they found us on public server list, there were not many servers back then and we were running 24/7 so I decided to create a website, apply for NPL license from TeamSpeak and provide people with permanent servers and channels. So it began..!

That's how our website looked back in 2009


...and in 2011. (I liked it more than the current one)


That's our login panel where we access tickets you are sending to us (it's not fake, it really works)

image-1 image-1

Some people were very upset about the Lobby name. But the name was catchy, was it not? :)

image-1 image-1 image-1

Also some statistics

We had over 260'000 unique users on the server itself.

This is proof how hard admins worked to make this server running!

image-1 image-1 image-1 image-1 image-1

Final words

If you would like to ask/tell us something, write an email to
It is only me who reads the inbox but I can obviously pass something to others if needed.

I am not sorry for grammar/spelling mistakes. I am not native English and I was writing this on top of my head.

Take care TeamSpeakers!

Mike and Fast TeamSpeak III Crew!